Carrot puree base

1kg carrots peeled and ruffly  chopped

1l orange juice

Sponge base

4 whole free range eggs

80g soft light brown sugar

120g gluten free s/r flour

5g ground cinnamon

8g ground ginger

1 large grated carrot

100g mixed dry fruit

1/3 carrot puree

Carrot mousse

5 egg yolk

120g caster sugar

8g of agar agar

650ml double cream

The remaining carrot puree

Parsnip ice cream

500ml whole milk

500ml double cream

10 egg yolks

300g caster sugar

3-4 chopped parsnips


We love our veg at Lakeside. From growing our own, to incorporating the seasons best produce into all of our dishes. So why stop after main course? Back to the Roots celebrates Autumns finest root veg, combining a traditional spiced carrot sponge with a deliciously light mousse, balanced with a savoury, yet sweet, smooth parsnip Ice Cream. Finally, finished with candied blossom honey celeriac and home grown micro-flowers.


Carrot Puree Base

– Simmer the carrot and orange juice until soft and the juice has reduce by ¾

– Puree in a blender until smooth

Sponge Base

– In an electric mixer whisk the eggs and sugar for 10 mins 

– Then gently fold in all other ingredients

– Spread over a grease proof 1/1 gastron tray and bake at 180c of 10-12 mins

Carrot Mousse

– Sponge the agar agar in cold water

– Bring 150ml of cream to a simmer

– Whisk egg yolk and sugar until pale light and fluffy, then pour over the cream,return to heat, add the agar agar, gently cook until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon

– Meanwhile whisk the remaining cream to soft peaks

– Add carrot puree to the custard base, when cooled fold in the whipped cream

– Spread evenly other the sponge base, top with grated carrot and desiccated coconut

– Freeze ready for portioning later

Parsnip Ice Cream

– Simmer milk and parsnips until parsnips and soft, the add cream and blend

– Whisk egg yolk and sugar, pour over milk mix, and cook out for 2-3 mins chill the freeze in 2-3 pacojet containers

Candied Celeriac

Dice 200g of celeriac in 1cm cubes and slowly cook in blossom honey until tender and translucent 

Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg
Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint