700g Centre portion of Beef trimmed (trims baked in oven until crispy and fed to dog)
10g salt

250g mushrooms, mixed to you liking, portobello, chestnut, shitaki, chopped into 5mm dice
50g butter
15g garlic
3g salt
3g pepper

240g flour (keep in freezer 12hrs min)
180g butter (salted is OK), cut into batons that can fit into you work process grater attachement then frozen solid in freezer
200ml cold water

2 eggs to make egg wash

Grease proof paper (cut to cover the beef filet just)


This is a tasty traditional dish with a couple of tricks to make it easier


Step 1:

  • Cut butter into batons and place in freezer with flour. (Same bowl is fine) 12hrs minimum

Step 2:

  • Cook diced mushrooms in butter and garlic add and pinch of salt and pepper to your liking. Cook for at least 20 minutes to remove moisture and brown. Alternatively the mushrooms can be left whole and roasted for 30mins @ 175C with melted butter and garlic then blitzed in a food processor.
    Allow to cool!

Step 3:

  • Using the larger grater attachment on you food processor grate the butter adding a little flour to the processor bowl to stop the butter sticking. Grate the butter straight into frozen flour.
  • Add the cold water and start to mix the flour and butter until combined
  • DONT over work. You want to keep the frozen butter in the grated pieces.
  • You can roll the pastry straight away if still cold, should be. Roll out a roughly square sheet of pastry 2-3 inches longer than the beef and wide enough to overlap by 1-2inces. Remember you have the filling too.
  • Take the egg wash and cover the entire success of pastry using a brush, just a thin layer. Now use the blow torch and cook the egg, this only takes seconds so don’t burn. This willzcreate a moisture barrier to stop the tat juices escaping and making pastry soggy.

Step 4:

  • In a very hot pan brown all the side of the beef filet evenly, ends too. Then allow to drain and cool down. Add any dripping juice to the mushrooms.

Step 5:

  • Spread the cooked mushroom mix onto the greaseproof paper cut to the exact size of the beef filet (just wrap the paper around the filet and cut it where the paper meets, no need to cover the ends.
  • Now flip the grease proof paper onto the pastry and centre it or put the pastry on the mushroom and flip back over. The result is a perfect sized of mushroom to cover the beef.
  • Now place the beef onto the mushroom and wrap the pastry over.
  • The seam should be on the bottom unless you want to do something decorative with it.
  • Fold the edge and trim off any excess pastry otherwise it will undercook.
  • Bake in an oven at 180c for 15 minutes then reduce to 160c until the internal temp is around 55 (if you want pink) then allow to rest for 30mins.

Beef & Liberty

Includes better meat
Includes better meat