500g Black cod, skin and bones removed
For the Herb croute
150g Panko
40g Pecorino cheese
50g Fines herbs
250g Soft butter
5g Green garlic Salt to taste
For the Spring Vegetables

From the Farm- Charred Leeks
Blanched Tokyo turnip pieces
Chard stems
Fava leaves
Chard leaves
Snap peas
Garnish Crimson fava flowers Brassica flowers


For the Herb Croute

Put the panko into a food processor and blend until very fine.
Next pulse in the pecorino cheese, the fines herbs, and spring garlic.
Lastly incorporate the soft butter.
Pour the croute mixture onto acetate sheets and spread into your desired thickness. Freeze the croute and then cut to fit the top of your fish portions.
Reserve the cut croute in the freezer until needed.

To Serve

Layer your prepared vegetables in the base of the fukkura-san donabe (an artisan made clay pot from Japan).
Place your black cod portions on top of the layers of spring vegetables.
Put the lid on the donabe and put it onto the burner.
Cook over medium to medium high flame until the fish 85% cooked.
At this point place the frozen herb croute pieces directly on each piece of fish. Cover the fish and vegetables again with the lid until the herb croute is warm and the fish is fully cooked.
Garnish with spring flowers and serve immediately.

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably