Organic broccoli
Broccoli Fiorlaro from Creazzo
Duck Fat
Green Chili


This is not a vegetarian dish, but a proposal that makes the vegetable the main character. My intent was to give the same olfactory sensations as a barbecue to a vegetable.

So I took these inflorescences of broccoli, grown organic by Jorge in the hills behind the restaurant, I sprinkle them with duck fat and I grilled them for a few minutes in a charcoal oven, at 400 degrees C.

A side, a dip, a “pesto” made with Broccoli Fiolaro from Creazzo, full of different nuances: the bitterness, the acidity of the lemon, the spiciness of the green chili.

The name of Fiolaro broccoli derives from the presence of sprouts along the stem of the plant (known in local dialect as “fioi”) that end up in the pan, along with the youngest leaves.

It is a product that is particular in that it does not have the typical taste or shape of other varieties of broccoli.

This variety of broccoli is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and calcium.

The cultivation of this Fiolaro broccoli dates back to ancient Roman times.

Cato the Elder spoke of it, recognizing its medicinal properties.

Today, the typical production area is the hill of Creazzo, in the province of Vicenza in northeastern Italy.

Fiolaro broccoli is at risk of disappearing because currently there are only two main producers.

Moreover, the product is, for the most part, known only within its production area.

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