Wonky butternut squash



EV oil

Sea salt


For the curry base

60ml EV oil

120g shallots, chopped

30g ginger, chopped

15g garlic clove, chopped

300g carrot, chopped

1.4kg peeled butternut squash, chopped

40g red curry paste
2lt veg stock

15g salt

800ml coconut milk


For the rice seasoning

100g Mirin

50g rice wine vinegar

50g soft dark sugar

100g soy sauce
25g ginger chopped fine


For the sticky rice

1kg short grain brown rice
2lt cold water

40g Miso paste

200g rice seasoning



50ml veg stock

Toasted coconut




This recipe is our pledge to saving the planet one squash curry at a time, by using our locally sourced wonky veg, a tasty and healthy house made veg curry for all to enjoy with a nice little touch of heat perfect for Spring days and nights.


Peel the squash and cut in 1/2 length ways and remove the seeds. Cut each 1/2 lengthways into 6-7 wedges and place on a baking paper lined gastro tray.

Sprinkle over EV oil, salt, thyme sprigs, pepper and roast in the oven till golden brown and cooked.

For the curry base, in a pot, sweat oil, shallots, ginger, garlic, carrot, butternut squash and red curry paste.

Add veg stock and salt, bring to the boil. Simmer until squash is soft. Add coconut milk, blitz until smooth, check seasoning and chill the base.

For the rice seasoning, mix Mirin, rice wine vinegar, soft dark sugar, soy sauce and ginger chopped fine.

For the sticky rice, soak rice for 20min in cold water, then rinse.

Add cold water and Miso paste to rice, cover with a cartouche and cook until all has evaporated.

Remove from the heat and stir in rice seasoning. Chill rice and store.

For the cauliflower rice, blitz or grate the cauliflower to rice size.

To serve, heat up roasted squash in the oven & curry base in a pot on the stove and add veg stock.

Warm 160g rice with 40g Cauliflower rice, some veg stock, spring onion & coriander

Place the rice on the plate to one side and arrange the squash on the other side, pour the curry base over the top.

Finish with toasted coconut flakes, chilli & coriander, cracked pepper, lime 1/4 and serve.


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