For the cod

1 kilo loin of cod (pin boned and skinned)

50g rock salt

50g sugar

250ml water

1 bay leaf

Sprig thyme

4 white peppercorns


For the cockles

300g cockles

1 carrot

1 shallot

2 sticks celery

1 star anise

4 white peppercorns

1 bay leaf

200ml dry white wine


For the sous vide cauliflower

white cauliflower florets

yellow cauliflower florets


For the curry oil

2 cups pomace oil

1 green apple thinly sliced

1 small onion thinly sliced

2 tbsp barharat powder

1 tbsp curry powder

1 lemon grass stick crushed

2 lime leaves


To finish the cauliflower

1 white cauliflower

200g unsalted butter

300ml vegetable stock

80ml double cream



For the cauliflower couscous

1 purple cauliflower

100g unsalted butter


For the golden raisins

100g golden raisins

200ml boiling water

Sprig of thyme

Rock salt

10g sugar

20g port


The fish is line caught from day boats (small suppliers/producers) which means no large trawlers are involved. The garnish is sustainable cockles from a company called Dorset shellfish which ties in to where the pollock has been caught and showcases how beautiful sustainable seafood can be.


For the cod, mix all of the ingredients together. Add the cod loin and marinate for 20 minutes.Rinse under cold water and dry. Wrap tightly in cling film. Cut into 110g pieces, vak pack on high setting. Cook for 14 minutes @ 54 degrees.

Wash the cockles under cold water. Cut the vegetables for mirepoix. Cook the vegetables, herbs and spices until soft. Add white wine. Bring to the boil. Add cockles, cover and steam until open. Drain off liquid. Remove meat from shell.

For the sous vide cauliflower, place white cauliflower florets in 1 bag. Place yellow cauliflower florets in another bag. Season with curry oil (recipe below). Add salt, seal and cook @85 degrees for 35 minutes.

For the curry oil, take 1 cup of oil. Sweat off vegetables with no colour until soft. Add spices and roast for a minute in the pan. Add rest of the oil. Bring to 70 degrees. Add lime leaves. Remove heat and infuse for 20 minutes. Sieve through muslin.

To finish the cauliflower, remove green leaves from cauliflower. Shred the florets. Foam the butter in a heavy based pan. Add cauliflower, pinch of salt. Cover and cook without any colour. When soft add vegetable stock and reduce by half. Add double cream. Bring back to boil and blend until smooth. Cover and set aside.

For the cauliflower couscous, finely grate 200g of cauliflower. Foam the butter in a heavy based saucepan. Add cauliflower and cook on high heat for 30 seconds. Drain off excess butter and season. Set aside.

For the golden raisins, bring all to the boil. Remove heat and allow to infuse.


Duke’s London

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably