12 Cornish sardines (MSC approved)

For the muhammara

3 red peppers (organic)

50g bread crumbs (Bell’s Diner sourdough)

½ tbsp of lemon juice (organic)

1 tbsp of pomegranate molasses

1 ½ tbsp of cumin (organic)

1 tbsp of chilli flakes

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1 garlic clove (local organic)

50g walnuts (organic)

olive oil



For the pangrattato (provides a 2ltr tub keep in cool dry place for further use)

500g stale bread (Bell’s Diner sourdough)

2 sprigs of rosemary (leaves picked) (local organic)

3 sprigs of thyme (leaves picked) (local organic)

2 cloves of garlic (local organic)

1 long red chilli


Cornish Sardines and Pilchards; are considered a presidia products by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. Eating with consideration for the planet has been at our forethought since 1988. We source products from local organic growers and foragers as much as possible. The kitchen is focused on a no waste discipline and our chefs are always finding new ways to use excess in interesting and imaginative ways.


For the muhammara, blend until combined but keeping a loose texture.

For the pangrattato, cube the stale bread (one inch cubes) and bake for 20 mins 160C. Process to fine breadcrumbs and add herbs, garlic and chilli, season and drizzle with olive oil and bake for a further 15 mins.

Clean and descale, gut the fish leaving head and tail on. Lightly oil and salt both sides. Place on charcoal grill (or griddle pan) and cook for roughly five mins each side.

A generous spoon of muhammara on the middle of the plate with three sardines stacked on top and a sprinkle of pangrattato to garnish.

Bell’s Diner & Bar Rooms

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably
Wastes no food
Wastes no food