500g plain flour

250g soft butter

10g salt

20g egg yolk

125g water

10 g soft butter (to brush ring)

1 egg yolk ( to brush pie )


For the filling

75g flour

75g butter

750 ml chick stock

50 ml double cream


10 chicken breast cooked

500g button mushroom (cut in half and cooked)

500g leeks (cut 1 cm dice and cooked)

50g chopped tarragon

Salt and pepper


Creedy Carver Chicken is St Pancras Brasserie’s signature dish and true representative of One Planet Plate’s campaign pillars.  Reared in small flocks and fed on corn and vegetable protein, the chickens at Creedy Carver are regarded with huge emphasis on bird welfare and sustainable farming. It is a dish that champions our local produce and celebrate seasonality. At St Pancras Brasserie by Searcys we also use all of the animal including the bones for the stock.


For the pastry, mix flour and soft butter, add salt, mix egg yolk and water together. Mix all ingredients together to form pastry, roll out and line buttered ring and cut out a top.

For the filling, melt butter in pan, add flour cook for 1 minute then add chicken stock

Simmer for 20 minutes, add double cream.

Pick chicken and add all cooked ingredients to sauce, add tarragon and check seasoning.

Place ingredients into lined pie ring until full. Place lid on and egg wash. Cook 200C for 20 minutes and serve.


St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcy’s.

Includes better meat
Includes better meat