6 heads of Tenderstem Broccoli
Extra virgin rapeseed oil
Raw Cider Vinegar
Outer leaves of the tender stem to garnish
A vinaigrette of the yellow heads and stalks
2 eggs
A photo album of the Farm, farmers and hens from where the eggs were sourced.


Tenderstem En papillote
Arrange six heads of tenderstem broccoli in the middle of a piece of grease proof paper.
Add salt, pepper and a block of butter. Fold or tie the paper to create a bag in which steam can be trapped in the cooking process.

Outer Leaves
The leaves that have been trimmed from the stems, which would usually be thrown away, can be washed in cold water dried and later fried in a little oil until they are crispy and translucent.
Season with salt and set aside in an airtight container for later.

A Vinaigrette of Stalks and Heads
The trim from the tender stem and any heads that were discoloured can be finely diced.
Add to this one part extra virgin rapeseed and one part raw cider vinegar. Season with salt.
Cured Egg Separate two eggs and cover one of yolks in salt making sure all sides are completely submerged in salt.
After 24 hours remove the yolk from salt and wash to remove any excess. Wrap the yolk in muslin and hang in front of an open window for three days until firm and translucent.
Keep the whites aside for later.

Egg Yolk Dip
Take the other egg yolk and whisk it with a small amount of hot water and a desert spoon of vinegar over a ban Marie until a salon consistency has been achieve and it is light and airy.
Set aside.

Photo Album
The photos of the farmers, the chickens and the farm are developed with the left over egg whites.
This is an old developing technique that Kat discovered whereby the egg whites are whipped with salt and the solution is coated onto the paper that the photos will be developed on. The proteins found in the egg whites create both a glossy layer and bind the photographic chemicals to the paper.

Assembling Roast the tender stem in the paper at 180 for 5 minutes.
At the table have the guests look through the album whilst assembling the dish explaining all of the waste parts of the broccoli being put back together.
So cut open the bag and spread a few spoons of the vinaigrette onto the broccoli. Next balance some of the fried leaves over. Finally grate over the cured egg yolk. Explain that the whites are in the photograph advise to dip the broccoli in the egg yolk dip.

Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint
Wastes no food
Wastes no food