140g Cornish Hake
85g Dundrum Mussels
40g Portavogie Prawns
100g Kilkeel Cockles
50ml White wine

For potato Cake
70g mashed potato
15g scallions

For roasted tomatoes
120g Ailsa Craig tomatoes
5ml vegetable oil
Dulse butter:
50g Abernethy butter
75g Dulse
5g chives
5g dill



The dish demonstrates the use of MSC Hake, sustainable prawns – rated 3 on the Good Fish Guide, Farmed local mussels, Kilkeel cockles combined with locally sourced ingredients. A winning compilation of MSC, aquaculture and sustainably sourced ingredients.


Place 40g Dulse butter into the Hake Reserve. Dust the potato cake in flour (both sides) and sauté in 10g Abernethy butter until golden-brown on each side. Keep warm in a low oven (100 degrees celcius).

Roast tomatoes in oven with vegetable oil 180oc for 12 minutes.

Place cockles, mussels and prawns into a hot saucepan with 50ml white wine, cover with a lid and cook for three minutes, then add remaining Dulse butter.

Place hake under hot frill for 8 minutes then add remaining Dulse butter. Place hake under hot grill for 8 minutes until fish becomes translucent.

To assemble, place potato cake in the centre of the plate, arrange the roasted tomatoes around the outside, place the Grilled hake on top of the potato cake and spoon over the cockles, mussels and prawns.


Fish City Belfast

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably