Carrot Sauce

2 organic peeled carrots
100g organic shallots Brunoise
150g organic carrots Brunoise
100g unsalted Yeo Valley organic butter
1 glass of dessert wine
200ml organic vegetable stock
1 tbsp Yeo Valley organic double cream

Holt Farms Chard & Ubley feta tortellini

100g diced shallots
50g Yeo Valley butter
500g chard, picked washed and spun dry
200g Ubley Feta
½ pasta dough recipe
Handful of home grown organic pea shoots


This recipe showcases the use of Organic, Local and Seasonal produce that determines our daily menu here at Yeo Valley. It’s on the menu for Earth Hour, and as a Vegetarian dish will have carnivores changing the way they look at their choices for dinner.


For the carrot sauce, put one of the whole peeled carrots through a juicer. Sweat off the brunoise shallots and carrots with 50g of the butter. When they are cooked, add in the wine and stock and reduce by ½. Add the carrot juice and the double cream, then whisk in the remainder of the butter. Keep it warm until required.

The remaining carrot is for the carrot crisps. Peel length-ways and lightly dust in flour before deep frying until golden brown. Place on kitchen paper to drain and season with salt.

For the Holt Farms Chard & Ubley Feta Tortellini, sweat off the shallots in the butter and when cooked add in ½ of the chard, season with salt and pepper. Drain in a colander and allow to cool. Once cool add in the crumbled feta. Reserve the mix until required.

Roll out the pasta on the thinnest setting and cut out 14 discs, you will only need 12 for the 4 dishes, but the other two can be chefs tastings!

Place a small spoonful of the chard and feta filling in the middle of each pasta disc, then fold over to create a small Cornish Pasty type shape. Squeeze the pasta edges between your thumb and pinky finger and pull together the other end to create little tortellini. Once you have done all 14, blanch in boiling salted water for about 1 minute, then place onto a warm plate and keep warm until dressing the plates.

Cook the rest of the Chard in the remaining butter and season, drain on kitchen paper and then place in the middle of 4 hot plates.

Place three of the Tortellini in and around the chard and then pour around the hot sauce.

Garnish with the carrot crisps and pea shoots.

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