100 g high-grade rice (from Tegelalang)

25 g onion, finely diced -50 ml homemade brem (fermented rice wine)

15 g peanut oil -0.5 litre snail stock

10 g dehydrated sea grapes

10 g dehydrated fern tips

50 pieces rice fieldĀ snails

28 pieces wild chili flowers (they grow next to the rice fields)

25 g abon (floss) made from (free range) frogs (which swim in the rice fields)

4 super fresh free range duck eggs


Everything that lives, grows and swims in and around the (organic) Ubud rice fields. This dish really showcases our surroundings and all animals and plants that live in a ‘healthy’, organic rice field…


1. Warm the peanut oil in a medium pan until it is medium hot.

2. Add the finely diced onion and cook over medium heat until they are soft but not coloured.

3. Add the grains and cook for a minute over medium heat until the grains are translucent.

4. Poor in the rice wine and let it reduce completely.

5. Add the snail stock and cook the rice ‘risotto’ style until it is 80% cooked.

6. Transfer to a little tray and let it cool down completely, reserve in the chiller.

7. Prepare a water bath on 64 degrees Celsius.

8. Add the duck eggs and cook them for an hour and a half.

9. Transfer them to an ice bath and when they are completely cold reserve in the chiller.

10. Blanch the snail and take them out of the houses.

11. Clean the snails and transfer them to a pressure cooker.

12. Add vegetable stock with plenty of garlic and some rice field herbs.

13. Close the lid and pressure-cook for 45 minutes until the snails are tender.

14. Reserve the snails in the stock and keep the rest of the stock to make the rice porridge.

15. Reheat the duck eggs in the same water bath 5 minutes.

16. In the meantime finish the rice porridge with a little more snail stock.

17. Season with the dehydrated sea grapes and fern tip powder. 18. Spoon the rice porridge in a little brown bowl (or any other bowl you like really).

19. Crack the egg and very carefully separate the yolk from the white (keep the white for future egg white based treats).

20. Use a spoon the place the yolk on top of the rice.

21. Divide the snails around the egg yolk and place the chili flowers in between the snail.

22. Sprinkle some more of the fern tip powder over the snails.

23. Same story for the frog abon (floss).

24. Serve straight away!



Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg
Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint
Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably