Chinese Celery 250g
Shiitake mushroom 250g
Napa Cabbage 250kg
Carrot pulp 250g
Soy sauce 25g
Salt & pepper to taste
Dumpling wrap 50 pieces

Black sesame seeds (to garnish)
Pink ginger (optional)
Cress (optional)


These dumplings are an example of our goal to reduce food waste by using all edible parts of the ingredient. At Grassroots Pantry we do our own cold-pressed juicing and the leftover carrot pulp goes into our dumplings, thus eliminating food waste to landfill, nothing goes to waste.


For the Chinese celery, only use the stem, and finely chop.
Remove the stem from the shiitake mushroom.
Roughly chop the cabbage.
Process all ingredients separately in the food processor.
Squeeze out all the liquid from the cabbage.
In a frying pan, sauté all the ingredients and season with salt and pepper, set aside to let cool.
Wrap the dumplings and steam for 20 mins.
Serve with pink ginger and black chinkiang vinegar.

Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg
Wastes no food
Wastes no food