Boil the lentils in slightly salted water until soft. Retain the water to use in soups etc. Meanwhile blitz mushrooms and onions together. Cook in high heat dry pan until they begin to caramelise to remove the excess water. This helps to enhance the umami flavour, making the burger pack even more of a punch than usual. Combine the veg and lentils with the beef mixture – the sugar content of the onions helps to bind the burger together. Form into 180g patties. Pan fry your patty with a touch of oil and serve on a toasted bun, with in season salads and an onion and mustard relish.


The Less Meat Burger has just 65% of the organic beef from our original burger, whilst still savouring the meaty taste. We have reduced the carbon ‘hoof’ print whilst proving that less meat does not mean compromising on taste. This burger is a great way to introduce a more plant based diet to our customers.


Ingredients for 55 180g burgers (divide by 9 to get enough for about 6).

6.5kg organically farmed beef mince (we use Dexter beef)

7 medium onions, pureed

Tabasco and Worcester sauce to taste

75g salt

1kg red split lentils (we recommend using Hodmedod’s)

3kg mushrooms

6 medium onions

Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint
Includes better meat
Includes better meat