10 Lamb Necks
20 Spring Onions
30 Baby Carrots
10 Baby Turnips
300g Yogurt Espuma
200g Celeriac Puree
200g Navarin Jus
5g Black Garlic Puree
5g Potato Crumb
50 Sorrel Cress

For the yogurt espuma

550g Milk
450g Yogurt
10g Agar agar
5g Cumin
Celeriac puree
500g Celeriac
50g Butter
For the black garlic puree
100g Black Garlic
40g Red Wine Jus

For the Navarin

10 Lamb Middle Neck
1btl White Wine
5 Tomatoes
1 Turnip
3 Carrots
3 Shallots
2 Celery Sticks
1 Garlic Bulb
100g Tomato Puree
5 Parsley Stalks
2 Bay Leaves
5 Thyme
5 Rosemary (no stalk)
2 Tarragon


Organic Lamb from Goodwood Farm, turnip, spring onion and yoghurt


For the yoghurt esupma, toast cumin seeds and place in a pan with milk and bring to the boil. Infuse for 30 minutes, then pass through a fine sieve. Bring back to the boil, adding the agar agar and cook for two minutes. Remove from heat, fold in the yogurt and cool. When cold, and set, blend until smooth and pass through a fine sieve. Place the mixture into an Espuma gun and use two chargers to charge it. if serving within two hours keep somewhere warm, otherwise store in the fridge ready to reheat and serve.

For the celeriac puree, peel the celeriac and cut into small pieces so that they will cook quickly. Place the butter in a pan and add the celeriac. Cook very gently with a lid on the pan. Once cooked, liquidise until smooth using a blender and season to taste. Do not blend for too long or the celeriac will turn brown. Chill in the fridge or over a bowl of ice until ready to serve.

For the black garlic puree, blend using a liquidiser until smooth.

For the Navarin, Lightly colour the lamb middle neck, all over, in rapeseed oil and set aside. Colour the vegetables then the tomato puree and cook out. Add the herbs and deglaze with the white wine and reduce to a syrup. Top up with the stocks and simmer to correct consistency. Pour the stock over the lamb middle neck and braise on 170oc for 2 hours. Remove the meat from the stock and pass the resulting sauce through and chinois then super bag. Finish the sauce with a beurre noisette flavoured with garlic and rosemary.

To serve, heat the lamb in some stock until hot.

Glaze with the navarin sauce. Cook spring onions in an emulsion, then add the carrots and turnips and warm. Heat the celeriac puree in a separate pan. Remove the lamb from the pan and garnish with some potato crumbs.

Arrange on the plate, as shown in the photo. Place a spoonful of celeriac puree at the top of the plate and garnish with the vegetables as shown. Finish with the yogurt espuma and sorrel cress.


The Ritz

Includes better meat
Includes better meat