Part One
5g fennel seeds
8g black peppercorns
11g mustard seeds
5g coriander seeds

Toast all these seeds to release the flavours

Part Two
9kg water
600g fine sea salt
550g sugar
120g pink salt
180g dark brown sugar
15 cloves garlic
5g chilli flakes
5g all spice
4g ground mace
4g crushed cinnamon sticks
3g bay leaf
5g cloves
10g dill stalks

Tongue Glaze Ingredients:

500ml cooking juices from the tongues
500ml Red Wine Sauce

Pickled Cucumber (gherkin) Ingredients:

1ltr water
100g salt
Mix together and warm to dissolve the salt. Leave to cool
10 Piccolino cucumbers

Pickling liquid:
2.5 ltr white wine vinegar
500g water
1kg sugar
2 star anise
2 bay leaves
4g coriander seeds
1g cumin seeds
1g black peppercorns
Boil all together
100g fresh dill (to be added later, separately)

Pickle Gel Ingredients:

400ml pickling liquor from the cucumbers
100ml water
6g agar

Pickle Jelly Sheets Ingredients:

400ml pickling liquor from the cucumbers
100ml water
18g veggie gel

Toasted Brioche (for the sauce) Ingredients:

150g unsalted butter
1.5 brioche buns

Small Diced Brioche Ingredients:

100g brioche dice 1cm x 1cm
150g unsalted butter

Toasted Brioche sauce Ingredients:

15g olive oil
100g finely sliced shallots
50g white wine
400g chicken stock
30g crème fraiche
150g toasted brioche and butter

Ingredients Dill Oil:

200g Dill
150ml Sunflower Oil


1. Take all ingredients from part 2, put in a pan and bring to the boil, making sure the salts and sugars are fully dissolved
2. Add the toasted spices from part on, remove from the heat and allow to cool.
3. Once fully cooled, add the tongues and leave to brine for 5 days
4. After 5 days, remove from the brine and pat dry with a jay cloth.
5. Place each tongue into a vac pac bag with 500ml of chicken stock and seal.
6. Place the tongues into a steamer at 85°c for 12 hours.
7. Once cooked remove from the bags and reserve the cooking liquor for the glaze.

Tongue Glaze

1. Bring both liquids to the boil together in a pan.
2. Reduce to a glazing, syrup consistency.
To Serve:
1. Portion the tongue into 40g evenly shaped pieces, trimming the edges to get a nice sharp rectangular shape.
2. Place the portioned piece of tongue onto a small tray and coat the meat with the glaze.
3. Place into the oven at 130°c for 10 minutes, checking and re-glazing every 2-3 minutes.
4. Once soft, glazed and hot, finish with brioche crumbs.

Pickled Cucumber

1. Prick each cucumber with a cocktail stick/skewer all over
2. Vac pac the mini cucumbers in brine for 24 hours
3. Remove cucumbers from the brine and place into a container with the fresh dill
4. Pour over the warm pickle liquid and leave to sit and marinate for 2 days completely covered

Pickle gel

1. Bring the pickling liquid and water to the boil and whisk in the agar.
2. Place in the fridge to set and then blitz to a gel.

Pickle Jelly

1. Bring the pickling liquid and water to the boil and then mix in the veggie gel
2. Pour the hot liquid onto a tray to form a thin flat sheet of jelly
3. Allow to cool and set. Use a 6cm cutter to create jelly discs, reserve between parchment paper.

Toasted Brioche

1. Tear the buns into medium sized chunks
2. Heat the butter in a pan until foaming.
3. Place bits of the brioche into the butter, piece by piece, mixing continuously until the brioche is golden and crispy.
4. Once golden remove from the pan and reserve the brioche and butter for the sauce.

Small Diced Brioche

1. Heat the butter in a medium sized pan until foaming
2. Add the brioche bit by bit turning continuously until golden
3. Once golden remove the brioche from the pan, drain on absorbent paper and season with salt.

Toasted Brioche Sauce

1. Heat the oil in a medium sized pan and add the shallots, cover with cling film and cook until soft but with no colour.
2. Add the white wine and reduce until it coats the shallots
3. Add the chicken stock & crème fraiche and bring to the boil.
4. Once boiled, add the brioche and butter then blend until smooth.

Dil Oil

1. Blanch the dill in salted boiling water for 30 seconds
2. Once blanched, plunge the dill straight into iced water to stop the cooling process and maintain the green colour
3. Strain off the dill by wrapping it in a jay cloth or oven cloth and squeezing out all the moisture
4. Chop through the dill with a knife before putting in a thermo mix at speed 10 for 6 minutes with the sun flower oil
5. Pass the oil through a jay cloth and season with salt to taste

Garnish with fresh snipped dill

Includes better meat
Includes better meat
Wastes no food
Wastes no food