Cod Cheeks 100g

1 Lime

Garlic 2g

Chilli 5g

Spring Onion




Finely slice the spring onion, red chilli and garlic at 45* angle.

Finely zest the lime

Weigh your prepped cod cheeks into 100g portions.

Wrap the cod cheek portion in a small section of cling film (100g) and store in an air tight container in the fridge.

In a hot pan add a little olive oil. Add the cod measured in a large white ramekin to the pan and sauté, then add a large white ramekin the chilli, garlic & spring onion, season.

When the fish is cooked, after about 4 minutes having reached a core temp of 75*C, remove from the heat and squeeze over the lime quarter.

Place a black pan on the stove with ½ a lime in to caramelise and the skillet to get hot

Transfer the contents into the hot mini cast iron pans with ½ a caramalised lime to garnish.

Place onto a white plate lined with brown napkin.



Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably