Pizza Flour (Caputo)

Olive Oil


Brown Sugar



Fior di Latte Cheese

Red Jalapenos

Black Olives

Spring Onions

Smoked Chicken



We use finest Italian flour to get the perfect tasty dough. The veg we use is sourced from local market (Hoxton or Chapel Market) which is very fresh and most of the time is organic produce. We smoked chicken we use for this dish is organic chicken also sourced locally (Smithfields Market).


Prepare the Pizza dough with Pizza Flour (Caputo), Olive Oil, Herbs,Brown Sugar


Boil the pumpkin and mash it with mixed herbs and olive oil


Stretch the dough and brush the pumpkin paste on the dough surface. Sprinkle the cheese


Add toppings: Smoked Chicken, Red Jalapenos, Black Olives


Cook it until it’s Brown and baked.


Garnish with Crushed Thyme and Spring onions.


Joe & ‘Za

Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Includes better meat
Includes better meat