1 Piece of octopus
5 litres of water
30 grams of salt
Heat the water, add the salt and quickly plunge the octopus 3 times into the boiling water
Cook for 1 hour and let stand 15 minutes.
Cut the tentacles and reserve
300 grams of tomato
30 grams of onion
5 grams of garlic
2 g of cumin
50 grams of chintextle
40 grams of grasshoppers
60 ml of oleic Brown the ingredients except the oil, mix and add a trickel of oil
Reserve the mixture in refrigeration
Carrot garnish 7 carrots in julienne Marinade: 1 yellow lemon 30 grams of black garlic 10 grams of thyme 60 grams of brown sugar 20 grams of salt 50 grams of coriander 500 ml of water 250 ml white vinegar 30 ml of balsamic vinegar 1 Chile mixe


The chintextle, chintesle or chintexle, is a thick sauce with a lot of intense flavor, toasted and sea air, of ground chile, typical of the Sierra de Oaxaca that is made to eat spread on tortillas.


Put the marinade ingredients and bring to a boil and let reduce to 750 ml of liquid. Add the carrots and cook until they are soft.
Mashed carrots
700 grams of cooked carrot
60 ml of mandarin juice 40 g of sugar
10 grams of salt
11 China oranges 150 g of sugar 150 ml of water.
Mix 150 g of sugar with 150 g of water and cook in the syrup the Chinese oranges, once cooked, remove the filling of the orange and remove the seeds, reserve the skin and the pulp.
Grind the cooked carrot, mandarin juice, sugar, salt, pulp and skin of the Chinese oranges. Add the cooking syrup until smooth.

Celebrates local
Celebrates local