150g red curry paste

50g garlic

100g Galangal

100g tamerind pulp

3 Kaffir lime leaves

50g red chillis

1 skud chilli

150g lemon grass

120g palm sugar organic

100ml vegan fish sauce

4 litres coconut milk

300g Thai shallots

10g turmeric

2 lime, juiced

1.5kg rutabaga

1.5 kg Jerusalem artichoke

1kg garnish deep fried kale/shallot/chilli/garlic/plankton

Accompaniment of quinoa/brown rice

Mini Poppadom

Papaya salsa


Vegan and gluten free curry


Smash lemon grass and kaffir lime leaf with mortar and set aside.

Peel Jerusalem artichoke& rutabaga and slice into batons. With remaining veg, chop finely and mix with red paste & turmeric.

Heat rapeseed oil, sweat paste and veg until it starts to split in texture. Add vegan fish sauce tamarind and palm sugar and cook out in paste. Add Kaffir lime and whole smashed lemongrass Add batons rutabaga & Jerusalem artichoke.  Add coconut milk and bring to simmer for 10 to 20 mins until veg is cooked. Remove lemon grass.

Finish with fresh lime juice & sprinkle with deep fried garlic shallot kale and chilli. Serve with mix of steamed quinoa and brown rice, mini popadom and papaya salsa.


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