50-55 types of different vegetables from artisan farmers
Home brew Japanese organic mandarin juice vinaigrette
Fried kombu kelp
Shiitake powder


In this industry, we believe the biggest impact to the environment is caused by sourcing. Since the agriculture has the biggest impact in the food industry in terms of quantity of carbon foot print, we need to have an eye on what we source and where/who we source from.

So we praise the effort of artisan farmers who always thinks highly of sustainability and keep buying as many variation as possible.


Keep the cooking method simple, and we try to serve it as uncooked (raw) as possible, however, some vegetables needs to be cooked (in their best way).

We season simply with Japanese olive oil and Japanese sea salt, and dress with organic mandarin vinaigrette, home brewed.

The most important part is to make a list of vegetables of today, which is always changing, every day. And we try to make guest more able to imagine and comprehend the seasonality and quality of simple organic vegetables.



Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg