1 x medium hand-dived scallops
15g ceviche marinade
5g puffed rice
7 disks pickled cucumber
15 g lemongrass/lime leaf yoghurt
5g sea herbs
Mint Oil

For the Ceviche marinade
50ml lime juice
50ml reaped oil
15g lime zest
5g salt
5g sugar

For the lemongrass lime leaf yoghurt
200g lemongrass
50g lime leaf
600g set Greek yoghurt
6g salt

For the puffed rice
50g raw wild rice

For the pickled cucumber
250g white wine vinegar
250g sugar
3 bunches of mint – stalks
2 cucumbers

For the mint oil
3 bunches of mint
200ml rapeseed oil


The scallops used in The Pompadour by Galvin are sourced from The Ethical Shellfish Company which is a family-run business based on the Isle of Mull. The owner, Guy Grieve was so shocked by the damage that mass scallop collecting does to the sea that he set up the company in 2010 and began hand-diving himself for scallops. When scallops are hand-dived, this eliminates damage caused to the sea floor and smaller scallops can be left to have more time to grow.

Daniel Ashmore began his career in 2006 in Sheffield where he trained. He spent 3 years at Fischers Hall before moving to The Square in Mayfair. In 2013, Daniel moved to Restaurant Tom Aitkens and Michelin-starred La Trompette. In March 2017, Daniel became head chef of The Pompadour by Galvin.


For the scallop
Remove the scallop from the shell and remove the skirt and roe, clean the scallop in iced water and dry.

For the Ceviche marinade
Mix lime juice, reaped oil, lime zest, salt and sugar together.

For the lemongrass lime leaf yoghurt
Blitz the lemongrass and lime leaf in a food processor, add the yoghurt and salt. Leave overnight to infuse. Pass through a sieve.

For the puffed Rice
Oil heated to 220°C. Once the oil is hot enough, add the rice, stir and pass through a sieve once puffed. Be careful, this is very hot. Finally season with a pitch of salt.

For the pickled cucumber
Slice the cucumber down the mandolin, cut with the cutter to remove the skin.
Boil the sugar and vinegar together, add the mint and chill in the fridge.
Once cold, add the cucumber.

For the mint oil
Pick the mint and keep the stalks to one side for the pickled cucumber.
Blanch in salted water, refresh in iced water and dry on a tea towel for 6 hours until almost dry. Blitz with the oil and add a pinch of salt.


The Pompadour by Galvin

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably