For the kale pesto
125g kale leaves stripped from the stalk
90g Corra Linn Cheese (a hard ewes’ milk cheese)
3 garlic cloves
100g cobnuts toasted (we like to use cobnuts as they are a UK product but feel free to experiment with any nuts you have in the back of your cupboard)
90ml of extra virgin rape seed oil (we prefer the Cullisse brand which is another amazing Scottish product)
Juice of 1 lemon or two taste
Salt and pepper


At east PIZZAS we are all about Scottish sourdough pizzas. We try to source as much as we can within 30 miles of our location and focus on showcasing Scottish ingredients. This recipe was born out of the long winter months and is a uniquely Scottish take on the four cheese pizza. We use four amazing vegetarian Scottish cheese’s, Lanark Blue and Corra Linn from Errington Cheese, Loch Arthur cheddar and Kedar Cheese’s amazing organic mozzarella. This is paired with an earthy kale pesto. We put a layer of the pesto on the base of the pizza, top with the cheeses and kale leaves so that they crisp up in the heat of the oven. Kale is in such abundance during the winter months so it’s great value and sustainable. The pesto is very versatile and you could also stir it through pasta or serve it as an accompaniment to sustainable fish.


Place the cobnuts, kale and cheese in the food processor and mix.

Add the oil in a thin stream until you reach a loose consistency.

Season to taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice.



Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg