Biscuits (Granules) 100g
Granola 50g
Butter (Soft) 23g
Mousseline Cream
Vanilla Bean 1Pc
Milk 222g
Flour 14g
Sugar 56g
Starch 9g
Egg Yolks 78g
Butter 23g
Fruit Agar Ball
Fruit Puree 200g
Lemon Zest 1g
Sugar 47g
Agar Powder (L) 7g
Local Lemon Balm




We have become more frugal with food and have embraced utilising leftovers as potential ingredients to maintain our new-found food management behaviours for the long term. We are taking this opportunity to adopt less wasteful habits in life and at work, and cherish food as a resource, and in turn, do our part in tackling climate change.


Tart Base – Crumble biscuit with softened butter and sugar to make the tart shell. Reserve tart mixture in the fridge in your preferred lined mould.

Mousseline Cream – Warm milk (not boiling) with vanilla bean pod. Whisk the dry ingredients, sugar, flour and starch in a separate bowl. Add egg yolks till you form a thick paste. Add warm milk slowly to the egg mixture whilst whisking. Place back to the stove till pudding-like consistency. Remove from heat and add butter.

Fruit Agar Ball – Bring to a simmer fruit puree (blended fruit trimmings) with lemon zest, sugar and agar and place strained mixture into sphere mold trays. Cool in fridge till set.

Plating – Fill tart base with mousseline cream, randomly add fruit agar balls on top. Topped with picked lemon balm.

Wastes no food
Wastes no food