250g seitan (very thinly shaved)
Shawarama spice mix
Sea salt (to taste)
200g red cabbage (thinly sliced)
100ml red wine vinegar
75g sugar
50ml water
4 khobez bread
4tbsp spoons hummus

For the vegan garlic mayo

50ml soya milk
1tbsp spoon gelespresa/xanthan gum
A splash of cider vinegar
1tsp Dijon mustard
200ml vegetable oil Garlic (finely chopped, to taste)
Chopped chives

For the chilli sauce
50g red chillies
20g garlic
100ml tomato juice
50ml red wine vinegar
25g brown sugar
¼ bunch fresh parsley
Zest of 1 lemon


Bring the red wine vinegar to a boil with the sugar and water. Put this mixture and the red cabbage in a vacuum bag and cover until compressed.
In a blender, blitz the soya milk, mustard and gelespressa/xanthan gum together until thickened.
 Slowly add the vegetable oil until thick, adding a little water if mixture is about to separate. Finish with the vinegar, garlic, parsley and season.
Remove the seeds from half the chillies. Blitz all the ingredients except the parsley and simmer until slightly thickened, season and adjust as needed. Add the parsley once cooled.
Lay out the sliced seitan on a dry tea towel to absorb the moisture, season with shawarama spice mix and sea salt. Flash fry on a medium-high heat until slightly browned, remove and drain.
Warm khobez bread and assemble your shawarma with desired amounts of garnish.


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