FOR THE CAULIFLOWER STEAK: Grm 1200 2 cauliflower heads Cauliflower (Box – 8) Ml 20 Rapeseed Vegetable Oil 10Lt Grm 40 Shawarma Spice Mix Grm 5 Salt Sea Fine 5Kg Tub Grm 5 Pepper Black Cracked – 1Kg

FOR THE SHAWARMA SPICE MIX: Grm 25 Sch Cinnamon Ground 390G Grm 25 Turmeric Ground Grm 250 Tandoori Spice Mix 690G Grm 12 Cayenne Pepper 470G Tub Grm 25 Cumin Seed Ground 430G Grm 25 Sfc Coriander Ground Grm 20 Santa Marie Smoked Paprika 230G

FOR THE BABA GANOUSH: Grm 625 10 Aubergine Box (5Kg) Unit 1 520 Lemons (Box) 100 Grm 37 Meridian Tahini Light Paste Grm 5 Garlic Paste 1Kg Tub Grm 10 Parsley Flat 1Kg Grm 10 Coriander Kg Ml 10 Olive Oil Pomace 5Ltr Grm 2 Cumin Seed Ground 430G Grm 1 Sfc Black Pepper Crackedx 380G Grm 1 Salt Sea Fine 5Kg Tub Grm 5 Santa Marie Smoked Paprika 230G

FOR THE AIOLI: Grm 33 Water from chickpeas only Chick Peas 400Grm X 12 Ml 3 White Wine Vinegar 5Lt Grm 1 Salt Sea Fine 5Kg TubĀ Grm 3 Dijon Mustard 5Kg Bucket Grm 3 Garlic Paste 1Kg Tub Grm 3 Santa Marie Smoked Paprika 230G Ml 175 Rapeseed Vegetable Oil 10Lt

FOR THE RICE: Grm 850 Uncle Bens Wholegrain 5Kg Rice Grm 2 3 Pods Cardamon Green Whole 30G Organic Grm 10 Knorr Bouillon Veg Jelly 2X880Grm 32Lt Grm 10 Shawarma Spice Mix Unit 0.5 100 Orange Each Grm 1 1 stick Sfc Cinnamon Sticks Grm 30 Chopped Scallions Box (12 Bunches) Grm 30 Chopped Coriander Kg Grm 1 Salt Sea Fine 5Kg Tub Grm 15 Toasted Almonds Flaked 1Kg Ml Water


Method for the Cauliflower Steak: Trim the green leaf from the cauliflower. Leaving the stem on the cauliflower cut the cauliflower head into 1 inch wide steaks you should get 4 from each head of. Pre heat the oven to 200c Place the cauliflower steaks into a large wide mixing bowl and drizzle over the oil salt and pepper and the spice mix, gently mix well ensuring the cauliflower is coated in the spice. Place the steaks on a flat tray and into the oven for 20 minutes

Method for the Shawarma: Place all spices into a mixing bowl and mix well. Place into a sealed labelled container until needed

Method for the Baba Ganoush: Cut the aubergine in half length ways and score the inside of the aubergine, roll the halves in tinfoil Place the aubergine in oven at 180c for 20 mins until the flesh in the centre is soft “Scrape out the inside of the aubergine and place it in a food processor along with the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Place in the blast chill until the Baba Ganoush reaches below 5c. Then place in a sealed ladled container until needed

Method for the Aioli: Place the chickpea water, Dijon mustard, with wine vinegar, salt, smoked paprika and garlic into measuring jug and blend with the stick blender for 1 minute In a steady stream slowly add the oil Place the veg stock into the water and stir until the stock dissolves

Method for the Rice: Add the rice to the rice cooker and pour over the water Remove the cardamom seeds from the pods and add to the water along with the cinnamon stick, spice mix, salt, orange zest and juice “Use a spatula to stir and combine all of the ingredients. Ensure the white rice is evenly distributed over the base of the rice cooker to allow for even cooking. Place the lid on top of the rice cooker and secure. Now turn the main power for the rice cooker to on and set the switch to cooking mode. When the digital timer sounds, first ensure the rice cooker has completed the cooking process The cooking process is complete when the switch automatically goes from cooking mode to holding mode. Next remove the lid and set it aside, Then carefully use a spatula to fluff and separate the cooked rice ” Now add the coriander, scallions and toasted almonds.

Features more veg
Features more veg