1 head of kale

1 head of black cabbage

500g purple sprouting broccoli

250g butter

80g plain flour

200g sour dough bread blended into crumbs

1 fresh chilli

4 cloves of garlic

10 duck eggs

100ml olive oil

300g torte de barros

750ml milk

Salt and pepper


At Salt Yard we believe in having an ethical and sustainable approach to food. Our aim is to use as many local ingredients as possible and to have the right balance of animal protein and plant based ingredients; this is why we were keen to take part in the One Plate Planet initiative.

For our dish we will be using ingredients grown at the Phoenix Farm allotment, our in-house charity Phoenix Flame; A charity enabling ethnically diverse local residents of all ages to acquire new skills. Working with Phoenix High School and its farm, dedicated to supporting local residents in deprived areas of London using a variety of approaches centred on food growing, nutrition and cooking, providing real opportunities for training and employment.


Dry half of the kale and black cabbage in a dehydrator with oil and a little salt until crisp. Keep in an air tight container until needed.

Make a roux with 100g of butter and the flour. Slowly add the milk and allow to thicken. Add the cheese and season.

Cook the duck eggs at 60degreese in a water bath until soft.

The remaining butter, fry the chopped garlic and chopped chilli until golden then add the bread crumbs. Cook until golden and then drain and leave to cool.

Shred the remaining cabbage and blanch in boiling water. To order warm in oil and season.

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Celebrates local
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