1 Medium Crown Prince Pumpkin
30g Dried Red Seaweed
50g Black Garlic Skin Oil
10g Honey


For the black pumpkin skin

Place Pumpkin Skins in an airtight container and hold in a dehydrator at 63 C for 6-8 weeks.
Hold in refrigerator
When ready to prepare sauce, blend 100g of skin with 10g of honey until
Season with salt and reserve in refrigerator until ready to use.

For the salted pumpkin ‘guts’

Scoop out pumpkin innards and add 2% salt to the weight of the innards and blend on high for 30 seconds.
Place in an airtight container and store at 35 C for 4-5 days.
Place in a dehydrator and dry
When dry, take 150g of the innards and 30g dried red seaweed and blend
to a powder.
Sift through a fine sieve and reserve at room temperature.

For the black garlic skin oil

Remove skins from black garlic.
Place 25g of the skins in a small pot and cover with 450g of sunflower
seed oil.
Bring to 90 C and let cool over night.
Strain through a fine sieve and reserve in refrigerator.

For the soft pumpkin

Remove skin from pumpkin(reserve for blackening).
Split pumpkin and scoop out “”guts and salt for future projects.
Shape pumpkin wedges into egg shape pieces.
Steam until really soft, but not falling apart.
Reserve in refrigerator.

To assemble

Warm pumpkin in black garlic oil.
Gently warm black pumpkin skin puree.
Place 15g of puree in the bottom of a warm bowl.
Remove soft pumpkin from oil and place on top of pumpkin skin puree.
Drizzle 5g of black garlic oil over pumpkin.
Season pumpkin with salt and then dust generously with the dried
pumpkin “”guts”” and red seaweed powder.


Features more veg
Features more veg