For the Vegetable Base:

Baby Carrot

White Asparagus

Green Pea

Baby Turnip

Pink Turnip

Cherry Tomato

Mix Cauliflower

Baby Red Beetroot

Water Cress

Baby Radish

Fava Bean

Sucrine Salad


For the Pan Cake:

Cassava Flour    260g

Coconut Milk    130g

Olive Oil             65g

Water                  65g

Garlic Oil            5ml

Salt                      5g


For the Avocado Pumpkin Seed Dressing

Pumpkin Seeds    150g

Avocado              100g

Water                  150g

Lemon Juice      13ml

Salt                       2g

Maple syrup       10ml


For the Melt Soil Powder:

Cake flour       195g

Wheat flour    50g

Sugar               12g

Dark Beer       35ml

Rye flour            35g

Salt                      4g

Melted butter    25g


For the Vegetable XO Sauce:

Ketchup                               250g

Honey                                  100g

Dark Soy sauce                  10ml

Balsamic (black)               100ml

Chopped Garlic                 50g

Worcestershire sauce       16ml

Chili oil                                180ml

Shaoxing Wine                  400ml

Eggplant                             500g

Onion                                  500g

Leek                                     500g

Green Chili                        100g

Red Chili                            100g


Vegetable Base:

  • Keep raw or pan fry with oil.


Pan Cake:

  • Mix the Cassava Flour, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Water, Garlic Oil and Salt together. Rest for 30mins then mix again. Roll the mixture flat and place in the oven, heated to 170C for 3 minutes.


Avocado Pumpkin Seed Dressing:

  • Use a blender to mix the Pumpkin seeds, Avocado, Water, Lemon Juice, Salt and Maple syrup together.


Melt Soil Powder:

  • Mix the Cake flour (175g), Wheat flour, Sugar, Dark Beer together and dry for 24 hours (until very dry). Afterwards blend the dry mixture with the remaining Cake flour (20g), Rye flour, Salt and Melted butter together.


Vegetable XO sauce:

  • Mix the Ketchup, Honey, Dark soy sauce, Balsamic, Chopped Garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Chili oil and Shaoxing wine together.
  • Slice the Eggplant, Onion, Leek, Green Chili and Red Chili. Use salt and marinate for 1 hour. Afterwards use a towel to dry it. On dried, deep fry the slices in 130C oil.
  • Mix the sauce and deep-fried slices together


Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint