1 cup of white sushi rice
1.2 cup cold water
2.5 tbsp sushi vinegar
0.5 tbsp sugar
0.5 tsp salt
1- 2 Sweet potato – cut into fry size, either fried or baked until cooked throughout
1 Avocado – sliced (1cm thick)
1 Red pepper – sliced (1cm thick)
1 Cucumber – Cut the ends off so that it’s the same length as the nori sheet. Then cut it lengthways, along the seed line, and then cut both halves into half again, giving you 4 quarters. Then run your knife in the line between the seed
and flesh of the cucumber, and dispose of the seeds. Finally cut the deseeded quarter into half.
1 bottle Teriyaki sauce
Wasabi & Pickled Ginger


Bursting with fusion flavours, our freshly rolled vegan futomaki sushi is super addictive, filling and healthy too. With approximately 0.35 kg CO2e emissions per wrap*, meeting the recommended goal in the UK of 0.5 kg CO2e per meal, the Thai Sweet Potato is a firm favourite, found on our store and festival menu. *(data from CarbonAte by CarbonCloud)


Sushi Rice

Wash the sushi rice with cold running water 1-2 minutes, until water runs clear.
Place the rice and cold water into the pot and bring to the boil, don’t take the lid off to check, keep the steam in to help cooking process.
Reduce the heat and cover, and leave to simmer until the water has evaporated and all the rice is cooked through (about 7 minutes).
Leave to steam for 10 minutes – do not take the lid off until the end!
Remove from the heat, and pour the rice into a wooden (or plastic if you don’t have – not metal as it will react with the vinegar).
Mix the sushi seasoning together of vinegar, salt & sugar and whisk until combined.
Slowly add the sushi seasoning mix to the rice evenly, stirring with wooden or plastic spoon, ensuring the solution is mixed into the rice evenly.
Allow to cool to body temperature (37 Celsius)

Rolling the sushi

Once all the ingredients are ready, prepare your rolling area by getting your bamboo matt and cling film it several times over. This makes it easier to roll and clean.
Place a nori sheet on top of the matt, with the bottom of the nori in line with the bottom of the matt, ensuring the bamboo sticks are facing across ways, allowing you to roll the sushi once its ready.
Get about a tennis size ball of rice, and spread evenly on the nori sheet (do not press down, spreading is key to keeping the perfect rice texture), leaving a 1cm gap all along the top of the nori.
Place two strips of sweet potato fries across the rice, in the middle of the sheet, and put the teriyaki on top of them.
Then put the all remaining fillings on, ensuring you get the same amount of filling going across, and adding ginger & wasabi if eating as burrito. (it is best to put the cucumber above the other fillings touching the rice to use as support when rolling the sushi).
*Be sure not to overfill as your sushi wrap will fall apart*
Lift the side of the matt closest to you, and curve it into a c-shape if you imagine looking at it side-on. Then using the tips of your fingers to hold the cucumber, and your thumbs on the underneath of the matt, lift and roll the sushi until the matt is rolled in to be touching the area that the fillings are.
This is the crucial part of a tightly rolled sushi- give it a squeeze so that you can see rice showing on the section of sushi still resting on the table. Then pull the matt out of the filling and roll it up completely.
Leave it to sit for a moment to ensure the nori sticks to itself.

CELEBRATE! You’ve made your futomaki!
If you wish to cut the sushi, it is best to leave it rest for a few minutes, and then use a wet knife and cutting using more of a sawing motion than pressing down.


Has a low carbon footprint
Has a low carbon footprint