Smoked trout bones
Gold rush apples
Leek tops/miyagi oysters
Sea lettuce powder
Grilled leeks
Ogo seaweed/kombu wrapped and smoked trout
Smoked beets
Lacto-fermented beet sauce
Beet leaves


For the bouillon

As we break down the fish, we hang and smoke the bones and heads above our Santa Maria style Oak Grill, and apples are charred below on the grill grates.
Leek tops sweat down in a stock pot, then deglazed with white wine.
The apples and smoked bones are then added to pot and covered with water, then slow simmered to make a bouillon.
The fat that floats to the top is skimmed and clarified.
We strain the stock, and to order we heat it, steep in katsuobushi and toasted rice, strain and then top with the clarified trout oil.

For the leeks en vinaigrette

The leek bottoms (from Terra Firma Farm) are slow grilled, portioned and then finished in a white wine vinaigrette.
The tops are smoked above our grill, dehydrated and then made into a powder which is then mixed with our sea lettuce powder.
Separately, we emulsify miyagi oysters (from Tomales Bay) with mustard and miso to a mayo consistency.
This goes on the bottom of the plate and is topped with the powder.
The leeks are placed on top of that and finished with horseradish, tarragon (from our farm, Bleu Belle), chives and ogo seaweed.

For the smoked trout with fermented beets

The trout (from Mt. Lassen Farm) is portioned and wrapped in kombu for 24 hours. It’s then smoked over our oak grill.
Separately we lacto ferment beets (from Terra Firma Farm), which then get juiced, and are mixed with fresh beet juice and framboise vinegar.
This is reduced to form the sauce for the dish. On the plate, beside the trout and the beet sauce, are beets (from Star Route Farm) that have been roasted, smoked and then rehydrated in that same beet sauce.
Those are topped with charred broccoli (from Dirty Girl Produce), charred spring onion (from Star Route Farm), and beet leaves (from our farm, Bleu Belle).

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably