Turmeric 15g
Choy Sum 45g
Boiled Egg 80g
Canola Seed Oil 10g
Organic Free Trade Cambodian Rice (cooked) 250g




We love our warming winter favorite dish for many reasons! Our food is all about our S.L.O.W pillars so imagine how excited we got when we were blessed enough to be able to go out to Permaclub on a team building day with friends and #FAMALY to dedicate a small piece of our friends land to growing turmeric we could take straight into our restaurant. On a sticky, sweaty day in early May we drove out to Clearwater Bay and hacked into the jungle to prep the plot. After only about a half hour we’d managed to prep the land and the thumbs of turmeric were in. We’re checking up on them regularly and once the Hong Kong Summer subsides we’ll return to dig up these glorious golden bulbs to bring back to Chef Shing for our Turmeric Fried Rice. Just in time for Christmas.


Finely chop your fresh turmeric, boiled egg and choy sum into pieces. Fry the rice with all the ingredients above until cooked. Sprinkle with fresh herbs or chives to top the dish. Simple, healthy and delicious!


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Celebrates local
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Features more veg