Peanuts 300g
Vegetable stock 600g
Truffle paste 80g
Truffle oil 15g
Sea salt 7g
Sugar 22g
Cocoa butter 223g
Black truffle trimmings (ground to powder) 20g
Bamboo charcoal powder 20g


1. Roast peanuts at 160oC for 8-10 minutes or until golden in color
2. Gently warm cocoa butter until fully melted
3. Blend together peanuts, vegetable stock, truffle paste, truffle oil, sea salt and sugar until very smooth.
4. Pass peanut mix through a fine sieve and return to blender
5. On a medium speed continue to blend the peanut mix adding a little cocoa butter at a time until all is fully incorporated and emulsified.
6. Pour mix into silicon molds and place in the freezer
7. Once frozen remove from the silicon mold and place onto a tray, place in the fridge until completely defrosted
8. Mix together equally quantities of truffle powder and bamboo charcoal powder
9. Roll parfait in the powder and gently place on to serving dish
10. Leave at room temperature for 6-8 minutes to allow the parfait to reach room temperature and soften
11. Serve with some grilled sour dough or crisp lavash and enjoy!

Features more veg
Features more veg