For patty

75g local organic beef mince (70/30 ratio)

150g local mushrooms (portobello/chestnut work)

1 sprig thyme

Salt & pepper

1tsp Mushroom powder

Confit garlic mayo:

3 confit garlic cloves

2tbsp homemade mayo (made with organic eggs) or shop brought equivalent oil

For crispy fried shallots

Reserved garlic oil

2 large shallot thinly sliced


Brioche bun

Local butter

Confit mayo

Local leaves

Organic cheese (we like Saint Giles by High Weald Dairy)


We mix Sussex mushrooms with our organic local meat to create a less meat-centic and more environmentally conscious burger without substituting quality.


For patty, very finely dice the mushrooms and pick thyme, add to pan with 1tsp oil, cook very low for 15 minutes stirring occasionally until mixture has reduce buy half and lost a lot of moisture. Season and chill. Once chilled mix 75g of the mushroom paste with beef mince and mushroom powder taking care to not over-handle, lightly shape patty. Season patty generously place in a hot pan 2 minutes each side (or till desired doneness) top with cheese and steam by adding a little water to the pan and covering.

For the confit garlic mayo, place 300ml of oil in a small pan on a low heat, add the garlic cloves, cook slowly until the garlic in soft and golden and aroma has changed (about 15minutes). Remove garlic cloves (reserve oil), paste and mix into mayo with a little black pepper.

For the crispy fried shallots, place reserved oil in a small deep saucepan and bring to 190degrees Add sliced shallots (being carefully as to oil will rise) cook whilst continually stirring until shallots turn light brown, remove and drain on paper towels. Assembly- Slice bun, butter and toast cut side down in dry pan for 30 seconds. Spread top and bottom with confit garlic mayo. Place leaves on base bun, top with patty, crispy shallots, and top bun. sprinkle with a little mushroom powder and serve.


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Celebrates local
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