Praline sauce
350g toasted pine nut
200g corn oil
35g hazelnut oil
50g soy sauce

Perfect egg
1 Egg

Vegetables for inside the plate

A few of each of the following
Heart of nest fern
Leaf of nest fern
Water lotus
Wild fern
Anredera cordifolia
Yellow baby zucchini
Green baby zucchini

For wreath

A few of each of the following
Nasturtium flower
Nasturtium leaf
Celery leaf
Anredera cordifolia flower
Fennel cress
Elder flower


A few of each of the following
Whole wheat bread chip
Toasted hazelnut
Fleur de sel


RAW’s mission is to bring ‘The New Interpretation of Taiwanese flavour’ to the table through its use of twenty-four ‘micro-seasons’ ingredients and passionate execution. The cuisine of RAW features local produce that Taiwan has to offer, where all the ingredients used in the restaurant are carefully selected after observation of the seasons, gently paired creatively by the chefs. This dish represents its own season perfectly on the plate. Using what is in abundance at any particular time is a natural way to maintain global sustainability by eliminating the need to import or source out-of-season ingredients that require greater resources to grow and produce. With simple seasoning to showcase the authentic flavour of the local seasonal vegetables and herbs, we believe this is a way to eat and enjoy more sustainably.


For the praline sauce, firstly, toast the pine nut in oven temperature about 165°C for 10-15 mins till it become golden brown. Blend the toasted nut with corn oil, hazelnut oil and soy sauce till smooth as Praline. Adjust seasoning with salt and sugar.

For a perfect egg, cook in a water bath at 65°C for an hour. Get the egg texture to a smooth yolk and soft egg white.

For the vegetables. Inside the plate)- Wash and cook the vegetables in boiling salty water for a few seconds to make sure the vegetables still have crunchy texture but cooked.

For the wreath, all herbs picked and ice shocked from icy water. Nicely arrange all herbs on the wreath. That is for representing the garden of spring time and also give multi fragrance for this dish.

For assembling, season blanched vegetables with praline sauce and arranges it on the plate. Open the egg and set in middle of flower-liked vegetables.

Sprinkle toasted hazelnut, fleur de sel and arrange whole wheat bread chip on top to service with the herbs wreath.



Celebrates local
Celebrates local
Features more veg
Features more veg