For the pickled kale

50g kale leaves

30g white wine vinegar

3g sugar

1 pinch salt


For the falafel

250g dry lentils

5g cumin

5g coriander

2.5g cayenne

150g water

5g salt


We chose this dish because it’s a twist on a classic. It’s makes for a fantastic vegetarian offering, using seasonal ingredients and bursting with flavour. By using lentils instead of chickpeas, you can get a lighter and fluffier texture. Served alongside our pickled kale leaves, which are still currently in season thanks to all the cold weather we’ve been having, it makes for a fantastic dish to be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike!


Pick the kale leaves off the stem and rinse thoroughly. Next add the vinegar, sugar and salt to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiled, pour it over the leaves.

Soak the lentils overnight – they will swell up and expand, so make sure to put them in a container with plenty of extra space. When you’re ready to use them, drain off any excess water and give them a rinse.

Next, blitz the lentils and remaining ingredients together in a food mixer until they become a nearly-smooth paste, the same texture as pesto.

Heat up oil in a deep fryer until the temperature reaches 180c. Using a tablespoon, form patties with the falafel mix (about 4-5cm in width and roughly egg shaped) and deep fry until golden brown.

Place kitchen roll to drain and then season well whilst still hot.

Serve the falafel with a few pieces of pickled kale (the rest should keep for several days) in a flat bread. We recommend adding hummus, chilli sauce, mayo (if you’re non-vegan), and some crunchy seasonal salad leaves.


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