For the fish cakes 

This makes a batch of fishcakes (approximately 25)

2kg MSC certified fish

2kg mashed potato

¾ bunch of coriander (fresh, no stalked, chopped)

1 lemon, quarter

8g salt

8g pepper

For bread crumbing

Panko breadcrumbs, as required

3 eggs


For serving 

To make one dish

1 portion of Buerre Blanc

12 tbsop capers, chopped

1 tbsp parsley, chopped

50ml of cooking oil

180g fishcake



To make the fishcakes, wash the coriander and tear off leaves into small pieces, put to one side.

Place fish mix into pan and cover with water, heat until water starts to boil, with the lemon. Turn heat off and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Then drain in colander, and allow to cool. Remove the lemon.

Place the mashed potato in a large bowl and add coriander and mix into mash. Add the fish mix to the mash and mix well, adding salt & pepper. Check seasoning.

To breadcrumb fishcakes, crack eggs into a bowl and beat together. Place some breadcrumbs in another bowl. Using gloves, take some of the fishcake mix and squeeze into a ball, then flatten slightly into a cake. Place ball on scales –180g each fishcake. Repeat for whole of mix. Store appropriately if not used all at once.

Dunk the ball in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs, patting off any excess breadcrumbs. You must ensure that entire cake is covered in breadcrumbs. Flatten slightly. You can store in the fridge for three days.

To prepare the spinach, blanch the in boiling water, refresh and drain. Squeeze all water out. Portion into 50g balls. To prepare the dish, deep fry the fishcake in the fish fryer until golden. Drain on absorbent paper. Heat the Beurre blanc with the chopped capers and parsley.

Season spinach and place in the microwave until hot, not dried. Place the spinach ball in the centre of a pasta plate, pour the caper & parsley sauce around the ball and place the fishcake in the centre on top.



Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably