Our own Dusty Knuckle pizza dough;
San Marzano tomatoes;
Organic yellow & green courgettes;
Finely sliced red onions,
Nigella seed,
Freshly popped pomegranate seeds,
Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Our courgette pizza is simply a rainbow on a plate. All of the beautiful colours of summer!


The pizza dough is created by ourselves using type 00 Caputo flour, fresh yeast, fine salt and luke warm water. This is mixed and allowed for two hours before being balled into 300g dough balls. These dough balls are then allowed to prove for another 6 hours before service.

Once ready the pizza dough is spun out to form a circle with a rim which will form the crust.

A ladle of San Marzano tomatoes is added to the dough, followed by thinly sliced courgettes, sliced red onion and nigella seeds. Once cooked in the oven the popped pomegranate seeds and fresh basil leaves are added.

This dish is incredibly simple and relies on the quality of its ingredients. All elements of this dish use organic locally sourced products as much as possible. It is also completely vegan.

Features more veg
Features more veg