2 spring tower celtus with leaves

300g romain leavesh


For the celtuce M.E.P.

Slice raw Celtuce by meat slicer No.1.5.

After slice, stack 2 slice together and cut off the skin side and trim the head and bottom to make long square shape(10cm to 15cm length).

Save all trim for the juice. Bend to half and slice by knife like cutting pasta. Size is 0.5cm wide.

Portion 25g for 1 pax and store 8 portion in 1L. Keep in fridge.

For the celtuce sauce M.E.P

Separate the leaf of romain from the stem. Keep the stem for Manfreds.

Set the large pot with water and salt to make hard boil.

Blanch romain leaf for 2-3 min until really soft cooked to break the cell.

Shock in the ice water and squeeze in the super bag to take the moisture as much as possible.

Set the vitamix, blend 300g of blanched romain and 400g of celtuce juice high speed.

Pass through the fine mesh strainer.

Keep in the container as sauce base. In the vitamin, blend 200g of sauce base and 8 ice cube until all mix together high speed.

Add 185g of grape seed oil slowly. Mix for 45 second for high speed. Check the consistency, if split, add more ice and mix again.

Season with fine salt and store in 1/2 L in the fridge.

Set the MK bowl.

Put 20g of Celtuce sauce in the metal bowl season with salt and lemon juice, add 25g portioned Celtuce noodle and dress together with sauce like quick marinate and coating.

Strain the noodle to other bowl with strainer and plate like pasta by using fork on the center of bowl.

Pour the remains of sauce on the top of noodle, two spray of lemon juice and flake salt.

Features more veg
Features more veg