Dry Chickpeas 1000g

Fresh Parsley leaves, Italian 130 g

Plain Flour 48 g

Tomatoes 50g

Rocket 10g

Coriander Seed – Ground 30 g

Cumin Seed – Ground 30 g

Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer) 21 g

Table salt 24 g

Chilli Powder 2 g

Onion Peeled and diced 300 g

Fresh Garlic Peeled and chopped rough 60 g

Tap Water 140 ml

Vegan Mayonnaise 30 g

Harissa Vegan burger buns


We chose the Falafel because it was the first Leaves & Liberty burger we ever created here at Beef & Liberty. It’s a special burger that we believe has helped shape Leaves & Liberty to the plant-based, vegetarian and sustainable sister-brand to Beef & Liberty that it is today and thus, we wanted to celebrate the Falafel in all its glory!


1. Soak the chickpeas overnight in 3kg of water, allowing enough room in the bowl for the chickpeas expanding.

2. Once completely soaked, drain the chickpeas and mix all ingredients in a bowl.

3. Process small batches of the ingredients into the food processor bit by bit.

4. The consistency should reach a crumbly texture.

5. Shape the ingredients into 160g patties.

6.Place the patties on baking paper in a tray that fits into a freezer.

7. Freeze for at least 2 hours.

8. When ready, heat up vegetable oil to 170c and cook the Falafel patties for 4 minutes.

9. For the tomato & parsley salsa topping, chop parsley and tomato together and mix.

10. Mix together the vegan mayonnaise and Harissa to create your vegan Harissa mayonnaise.

11. Lightly toast the vegan buns and place the Falafel patty inside, top with tomato & parsley salsa and vegan Harissa mayonnaise.

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