For the white fish

240 g white fish tartar
600 gr Salt
1 kg Sugar
Parsley stalk
40 elderberries
50 gr green apple
60 gr Oxalis

For the lovage oil
150 g Lovage
250 ml grape seed oil

For the wine sauce
500 g white fish carcasses
100 ml Terlan wine
50 gr salty butter
10 gr lovage
10 gr dill
Grape seed oil
1 lt Beef Consommé
2 leek


This dish was made in the same way we approach all of our dishes, by avoiding any waste from the ingredients we use. This dish has become one of our signature courses, using all parts from the white fish.


For the white fish

Remove all the scales, and put them in running water for 1 hour. Dehydrate them and fry them at 190°c. Fillet and bone the white fish, marinate with 600g of salt and 1 kg of sugar, aromatize with the herbs for 3 hours. Wash the filets, dry well, remove the skin and cut the tartar.

For the Terlano white sauce

Leave the carcasses in running water for 1 hour, toast them nicely in a pan with a little bit of grape seed oil. A part saute the leek in a pan, add the carcasses and the wine. At last fill up with Consomme and boilt for about 2 hours. Strain and mix with fresh salty butter, salt and pepper.

For the lovage oil

Take 150g of lovage, 250 ml grape seed oil and add them in the termomix, mix for 14 min at the maximum. Put in a etamine and let it strain by itself.

For the elderberries (to prepare in the summer)

Marinate the elderberries for 3 days in coarse salt. Wash them and cook for 3 minutes in a solution of 500g of water, 500g of elderberry vinegar and 2 bayleafs. Verse it in a mason jar, close and posturize for 18 minutes at 86°c in the steamer.

For the plating

Add the dill, the lovage and the green apple brunoise to the tartar. Put in an ironring and lat on the plate. On top some of the elderberries, the crispy scales and the Oxalis.
To finalize add the sauce with some lovage oil.

Sources fish sustainably
Sources fish sustainably